A New Artist Added.. Ryan Farish

We happened to catch a video on Youtube that featured our new artist, Ryan Farish. We really liked the track that was featured on the video, called “Carried By The Wind” from Ryan’s “Beautiful..” album. See if you agree its a great track when you hear it in the playlist.. We expect to be adding more of Ryan’s great tracks to the BNA playlist..

The BNA Staff

More from TSFH and Ah-Ne-Mah

We’ve added a couple more great tracks from the David/Diane Arkenstone Ah-Ne-Mah collaboration entitled “Storyteller” and “Firefall”. Both tracks reflect the native American theme that Ah-Ne-Mah is so famous for.
We’ve also added another Two Steps From Hell track entitled “Undying Love”, continuing our discovery of TSFH’s epic music.


BestNewAge Staff

More from Amethystium and Kitaro

We’ve just added two fantastic tracks from Amethystium and Kitaro. The Amethystium track is “Meadowlands” and the Kitaro track is “Symphony of the Forest”. Be sure and catch them in the station rotation…

Best Newage Staff

More TSFH..

Of course we’re talking about Two Steps From Hell, a fantastic team of composers, comprised of Thomas Begersen and Nick Phoenix. We first were made aware of this¬†outstanding team a few months ago, when a BestNewAge team member happened to catch a video on YouTube that was using some of TSFH’s fantastic music. The teammember clued the rest of us in, and since then, we’ve been big fans!!

At the moment we’ve added their “Spirit Of Moravia” track from their “Classics Vol 1” album. We expect to be adding more in the near future… Stay tuned!!!!

BestNewAge Staff


New Addition to Artists/Playlist..

Yes, we know its been a while since we posted anything here, but we just discovered a fantastic studio group with the odd name of “Two Steps From Hell”… Until recently, they only did theme music for movie trailers, and did not do any album work. One of our staffers, who loves watching videos on youtube heard the track we’ve added to the playlist, entitled “Fill My Heart”, and he had the rest of us come listen.. It is fantastic!! Be sure you catch it when it comes around on the playlist.. The group has a website at http://www.twostepsfromhell.com/ .. We expect to be adding more tracks from this group!!

BestNewAge Staff..


More Enya…

Since Enya is one of our staff’s favorite Newage artists, we’re slowly adding her best songs to our playlist. We’ve just added “Lazy Days” from the “A Day Without Rain” album. More to come in the near future…. Stay tuned!!!!

Also: We’ve added a “comments” tab on the main page. Please feel free to comment on our music if you feel so inclined…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the BestNewAge staff…

New Addition to Playlist….

Announcing a new artist/song to our artist list and playlist. One of the BestNewage staff was watching a youtube video the other day, and commented what a great song the video was using as a soundtrack. The rest of us came over and listened.. It was unanimously agreed the song was fantastic, so we added it to our BNA “Artist Colony” and to the playlist. It’s by Mark Isham and called “On The Threshold Of Liberty”, from the Windham Hill Introspective album. Hope you catch it when it comes around on the playlist and like it as much as we do…

FURTHER UPDATE on reboots. We’ve been on the new host for nearly two weeks with no reboots. We’re gonna mark this problem as resolved!

The BestNewage Staff…