Whew! Glad THAT’S over!!

We’d like to apologize for the outage the last few days. Initially, we discovered the server hosting the station was down late on the 20th, and a support ticket was placed with the ISP hosting our server. We spoke to the ISP’s support people early on the 21st, and was told that apparently our server had no boot files, and the likely fix was to reinstall the operating system and restore everything from BACKUP?????? yikes!! Some heated discussion was held in BNA HQ and it was determined that apparently some cleanup of old boot files on the server had inadvertantly deleted the old boot/kernel files AND the currently needed one, and of course, one of the server updates automatically done in the afternoon of the 20th, rebooted the server. Yikes!! Can you say “Shot myself in the foot”??? It was decided to immediately reinstall the operating system and start restoring the station and website from backups.. (backups?? fingers crossed!!!) .. The backup of the actual shoutcast music library was restored and we got the station back up “on the air”.. So we thought.. We placed a notice on the website indicating that the stream was back up. We then discovered that the shoutcast stream would randomly disconnect/drop during our testing.  Finally one of the team noticed something odd.. the server only had 128MB of ram….. yikes!!  Since we pay for 512MB of ram for the server, we immediately contacted the ISP who, after a bit of checking, had egg on its face..  They upped the server back to its 512MB of ram, and we then were able to complete the restore of the website to pre-problem configuration…  Aint Backups great!!!!!

Regards,BNA Staff