2002 Secret Shores
Dawn Of A New Century
Stella Maris
The Dreaming Tree
Adiemus Beyond The Century
In Caelum Fero
Zarabanda (Saraband)
Aetherium Onward
African Tapestries Hills Of Halali
Inyanga Morn
Ah-Nee-Mah Cliff Palace
Rainbow Canyon
The Colors Of Time
Voices Of The Wind
Amethystium Ethereal
Andy Pickford Still Waters Run Deep
Aorphia Right of Passage
Ayman Orion’s Bells
Sultan’s Wing
The Sultan’s Dream (Reprise)
Zorba’s Return
Back To Earth From Dusk Till Dawn
Bandari Theme from Missing
Billy Whitefox Song Of The Raindancer
Bruce Mitchell Planetary Zone
Cheryl Gunn Valhalla
Chip Davis Sunday Morning Breeze
Christopher Franke Wheels On Beach Park
Colin Chin The Alluvial Plains
Ayers Rock
Constance Demby Eternal Return
Cusco Dream Catcher
The Horsemen Of Bulgar
Ring Of The Dolphin
David Arkenstone Ancient Legend
Carnation Lily Rose
Desert Ride
Island Road
Rumors Of Egypt
Under The Canopy
David Helpling Deeper Still
Deuter Dammerschein
Dawn Shimmer
Morning Birds
Diane Arkenstone Across The Sands Of Time
Ethereal Rain
The Secret Garden
The Treasure Caves
The Water Garden
Under The Blue Sky
Voice Of The Sea
Enaid The Spirit Of Excalibur
Enigma The Cross Of Changes
Traces (Light & Weight)
Shadows In Silence
Ennio Morricone The Mission
Enya Aldebaran
Anywhere Is
Book Of Days
Flora’s Secret
Only If
Only Time
Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)
Shepherd Moons
Storms In Africa
The Celts
The Memory Of Trees
Lazy Days
Era The Champions
Freud Euphoria
Gandalf Aquarius
Dreamscapes (Part 1)
Dreamscapes (Part 2)
Silent Joy
Traces From Eternity
Ginkgo Garden Rhythm Of The Living Thing
Henri Seroka Highland
Undersea World
Hilary Stagg Land Of Oz
Himekami Earthflame
Howard Shore The Council Of Elrond
Jaycatt Nico Seasons
Jeff Ball Free To Climb
Jeff Oster Big Sur
Final Approach
John Adorney In Bloom
The River’s Secret
John Dyson Rainforest Dawn
Juliana Flying
Inner Love
The Healing Pool
Karunesh Sapphire
Spirits In The Forest
The Wanderer
Kevin Kendle Daffodils
Kevin Kern The Touch Of Love
Kevin Wood Tribal Hymn
Kitaro Everlasting Road
Symphony Of The Forest
Klaus Schonning Bells Of Copenhagen ’96
Dawn At The Docks
Lisa Lynne Fields Of Gold
Loreena McKennitt Night Ride Across The Caucasus
The Dark Night Of The Soul
Louie Andreas Starry Nights
Maire Brennan Light On The Hill
Our World
Perfect Time
Mark Dwane Saucers Over Nazca
Mark Istar On The Threshold Of Liberty
Mars Laser Moonlight Cove
Royal Lake
Medwyn Goodall Atacama
Crystal Alignment
Dolphin Companion
Inherit The Stars
Mehdi Evolution Of The Heart
Mike Rowland Longing For You
Out Of The Blue
Moby God Moving Over The Face of the Water.
Mystic Moods Orchestra Minstrel Boy
Mythos Alpha
Neil H Candlelight Dreams
Nicholas Gunn Afternoon In Sedona
A New Dawn
A Place In My Heart
Earth Story
Flight Of The Condor
Kaibab Forest
The Traveler
Omar Waves Of Emotion
One Izzo Nighthawks
Open Canvas Puja
Paul Schwartz Earthbound
River Of Stars
Peter Buffet One By One
Philippe-Alexandre Belise Horizon
Ray Lynch The Vanished Gardens Of Cordoba
The Oh Of Pleasure
Red Nativity The Miracle Of Life
Richard Burmer Across The View
Roger Eno Through The Blue
Seay Angelica
Secret Garden Dawn Of A New Century
Lore Of The Loom
Suzanne Ciani When Love Dies
Tangerine Dream Ghazal (Love Song)
Mothers Of Rain
Timothy Crane The Other Life I Dream-Redemption
Tony O’Connor Skyland
Ocean Moods
Ocean Rise
September Moon
Tracy Silverman Callisto’s Sky
Two Steps From Hell Fill My Heart
Spirit Of Moravia
Undying Love
Vangelis Alpha
Chariots Of Fire
City Of Isabel
Islands Of The Orient
Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria (Into Eternity)
Theme From “Antarctica”
Theme From “Cosmos”
Intergalactic Radio Station
Yanni Adagio in C Minor
After The Sunrise
A Love For Life
A Walk In The Rain
Face In The Photograph
First Touch
Flight Of Fantasy
One Man’s Dream
Secret Vows
To The One Who Knows
You Only Live Once
Swept Away
A Night To Remember


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New Additions To Playlist

Been a while since we’ve added any new tracks, but here’s three new tracks from Deuter, Medwyn Goodall and Tangerine Dream. One of the staff caught these playing on XM/Sirius’s Spa channel and pointed them out to the rest of the staff.. Since we loved all three, we decided to add them to the playlist..

Medwyn Goodall’s “Kilimanjaro”, from his “Snows Of Kilimanjaro” album…


Tangerine Dream’s “Reflections”, from their “Oasis” album..


Deuter’s “Morning Birds”, from his “Wind And Mountain” album..



The Bestnewage Staff





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