New Additions To Playlist

Been a while since we’ve added any new tracks, but here’s three new tracks from Deuter, Medwyn Goodall and Tangerine Dream. One of the staff caught these playing on XM/Sirius’s Spa channel and pointed them out to the rest of the staff.. Since we loved all three, we decided to add them to the playlist..

Medwyn Goodall’s “Kilimanjaro”, from his “Snows Of Kilimanjaro” album…


Tangerine Dream’s “Reflections”, from their “Oasis” album..


Deuter’s “Morning Birds”, from his “Wind And Mountain” album..



The Bestnewage Staff





Whew! Glad THAT’S over!!

We’d like to apologize for the outage the last few days. Initially, we discovered the server hosting the station was down late on the 20th, and a support ticket was placed with the ISP hosting our server. We spoke to the ISP’s support people early on the 21st, and was told that apparently our server had no boot files, and the likely fix was to reinstall the operating system and restore everything from BACKUP?????? yikes!! Some heated discussion was held in BNA HQ and it was determined that apparently some cleanup of old boot files on the server had inadvertantly deleted the old boot/kernel files AND the currently needed one, and of course, one of the server updates automatically done in the afternoon of the 20th, rebooted the server. Yikes!! Can you say “Shot myself in the foot”??? It was decided to immediately reinstall the operating system and start restoring the station and website from backups.. (backups?? fingers crossed!!!) .. The backup of the actual shoutcast music library was restored and we got the station back up “on the air”.. So we thought.. We placed a notice on the website indicating that the stream was back up. We then discovered that the shoutcast stream would randomly disconnect/drop during our testing.  Finally one of the team noticed something odd.. the server only had 128MB of ram….. yikes!!  Since we pay for 512MB of ram for the server, we immediately contacted the ISP who, after a bit of checking, had egg on its face..  They upped the server back to its 512MB of ram, and we then were able to complete the restore of the website to pre-problem configuration…  Aint Backups great!!!!!

Regards,BNA Staff



BNA is getting popular!!

The BestNewAge server administrator noticed the other day that we had maxxed out our 32 listener slots for the very first time. What this means is that anyone else who tried to connect for some of our great music was turned away, until one of the 32 listening users disconnected. As a listener, aren’t you glad we upgraded to 32 user slots? At the moment this post is being written, there are 16 listeners, with an average listen time of 11 hours and 30 minutes. Some Shoutcast stations limit the listen time, but we don’t, and never will..

BestNewAge Staff

A New Artist Added.. Ryan Farish

We happened to catch a video on Youtube that featured our new artist, Ryan Farish. We really liked the track that was featured on the video, called “Carried By The Wind” from Ryan’s “Beautiful..” album. See if you agree its a great track when you hear it in the playlist.. We expect to be adding more of Ryan’s great tracks to the BNA playlist..

The BNA Staff

More from TSFH and Ah-Ne-Mah

We’ve added a couple more great tracks from the David/Diane Arkenstone Ah-Ne-Mah collaboration entitled “Storyteller” and “Firefall”. Both tracks reflect the native American theme that Ah-Ne-Mah is so famous for.
We’ve also added another Two Steps From Hell track entitled “Undying Love”, continuing our discovery of TSFH’s epic music.


BestNewAge Staff

More from Amethystium and Kitaro

We’ve just added two fantastic tracks from Amethystium and Kitaro. The Amethystium track is “Meadowlands” and the Kitaro track is “Symphony of the Forest”. Be sure and catch them in the station rotation…

Best Newage Staff

More TSFH..

Of course we’re talking about Two Steps From Hell, a fantastic team of composers, comprised of Thomas Begersen and Nick Phoenix. We first were made aware of this outstanding team a few months ago, when a BestNewAge team member happened to catch a video on YouTube that was using some of TSFH’s fantastic music. The teammember clued the rest of us in, and since then, we’ve been big fans!!

At the moment we’ve added their “Spirit Of Moravia” track from their “Classics Vol 1” album. We expect to be adding more in the near future… Stay tuned!!!!

BestNewAge Staff


New Addition to Artists/Playlist..

Yes, we know its been a while since we posted anything here, but we just discovered a fantastic studio group with the odd name of “Two Steps From Hell”… Until recently, they only did theme music for movie trailers, and did not do any album work. One of our staffers, who loves watching videos on youtube heard the track we’ve added to the playlist, entitled “Fill My Heart”, and he had the rest of us come listen.. It is fantastic!! Be sure you catch it when it comes around on the playlist.. The group has a website at .. We expect to be adding more tracks from this group!!

BestNewAge Staff..


Station Upgrade..

We’ve upgraded the station from a Shoutcast 32 listener slot 64kbps configuration to a 32 listener slot 128kbps configuration. Since the host we’re running the station on gives us a 1 TB/month (terabyte/month) data allowance, and we weren’t even coming close to hitting it, we decided to give the listeners a significantly better listening experience. We hope you enjoy the change..

BestNewage Staff

More Enya…

Since Enya is one of our staff’s favorite Newage artists, we’re slowly adding her best songs to our playlist. We’ve just added “Lazy Days” from the “A Day Without Rain” album. More to come in the near future…. Stay tuned!!!!

Also: We’ve added a “comments” tab on the main page. Please feel free to comment on our music if you feel so inclined…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the BestNewAge staff…